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Searchamajigger will be offline from March 7th through the 13th

A new version of Searchamajigger is coming!!
We will be down for a week while we remove the old site and install our new version.

Current users: All of your current data will be migrated to the new site and will be available just like it is now.

The new site is just the first step of a major overhaul of Searchamajigger, we have over 20 new features slated to be incorporated into the site over the coming year.

Our Goal: We are endeavoring to make Searchamajigger a complete web app for our users to do everything they would need to manage all their classified searches and results.
We want to make a site that will have a great value to our users and allow them to have a one stop shop for all their classified needs.

We hope you will come to love our site over the next year.
So, let's take the first step to something cool..

Searchamajigger makes your Classified searching Simple

Searchamajigger is an awesome, free search engine for searching multiple classified sites at the same time.

Here is how Searchamajigger works:
You simply type what you are looking for into the search box above and click the search button. It's that simple.
Searchamajigger will search Craigslist, Backpage, eBay classifieds and Oodle Nationwide or click "Change Search State" in the menu at the top of the page and a list of states will be displayed on the page allowing you to click on one and jump directly to that state.

If you only wish to search in certain classified sites and specific categories, simply un-check the box next to the categories and classified sites you want to exclude from your search.

It's that simple!!

If you sign in with your Facebook account, we will remember your settings and searches for you!! (See below)

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The real benefit of signing in to Searchamajigger with Facebook is that we will remember your last 100 searches, all you need to do is simply click on one and Searchamajigger will automatically fill in the search box for you.

The perks to signing in with Facebook:
· It's Completely FREE! We do not charge you for membership or usage!
· No Spam! We do not write anything to your facebook page unless you push a button to make it happen!
· We do not share your info with anyone!
· WE DO NOT COLLECT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! (unless you fill it in your self)
· Searchamajigger will remember your last search and search settings each time you come to a page.
· Searchamajigger will automatically load your last search and reset all the search options to your last settings.
· With a click of the menu, Searchamajigger will display your last 100 search phrases.
· Searchamajigger allows you to save your current search and search settings into a named search profile so you can load your search again later with a single click of the mouse.
· Priority Feature Requests: If you want Searchamajigger to do something that it currently does not do, simply ask us. If we can do it without violating a sites terms of use, then we will do everything we can to make it happen for you!

Searchamajigger wants you to have the best Free! search possible.
Come Grow with us!

Nationwide Site Links

Nationwide classified search links are a quick way for you to jump to specific search categories for various classified sites.
Below are a list of categories and sites you can jump to and search within those categories and sites.
Once you have found the options which best suit your searching preferences, you should bookmark the page so you may easily return.

Search Craigslist Nationwide

Search All Of Craigslist Nationwide | Craigslist Automotive | Nationwide Craigslist Community | Craigslist Items For Sale Nationwide | Free Stuff on Craigslist Nationwide | Craigslist Items wanted Nationwide | Services offered on Craigslist | Nationwide Craigslist Personals | Craigslist Housing, Real estate, Rentals Nationwide | Craigslist Jobs Nationwide (Employment) | Craigslist Gigs Nationwide | Craigslist Nationwide Forum Search | Craigslist Pets or Animals

Search BackPage Nationwide

Search All Of BackPage Nationwide | BackPage Automotive | BackPage Community | BackPage Items For Sale | Free Stuff on BackPage | BackPage Items wanted | Services offered on BackPage | BackPage Personals | BackPage Housing, Real estate, Rentals | BackPage Jobs (Employment) | BackPage Musician / Gigs | BackPage Nationwide Forum Search | BackPage Pets or Animals

Search Oodle Nationwide

Search All Of Oodle Nationwide | Oodle Automotive | Oodle Community | Oodle Items For Sale | Free Stuff on Oodle | Oodle Items wanted | Services offered on Oodle | Oodle Personals | Oodle Housing, Real estate, Rentals | Oodle Jobs (Employment) | Oodle Gigs | Oodle Nationwide Forum Search | Oodle Pets or Animals

Search eBay Classifieds Nationwide

Search All Of eBay Classifieds Nationwide | eBay Classifieds Automotive | eBay Classifieds Community | eBay Classifieds Items For Sale | Free Stuff on eBay Classifieds | eBay Classifieds Items wanted | Services offered on eBay Classifieds | eBay Classifieds Personals | eBay Classifieds Housing, Real estate, Rentals | eBay Classifieds Jobs (Employment) | eBay Classifieds Musician / Gigs | eBay Classifieds Nationwide Forum Search | eBay Classifieds Pets or Animals

Search Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle and eBay Classifieds Nationwide

Search All Of Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle and eBay Classifieds Nationwide | Automotive | NationwideCommunity | Items For Sale Nationwide | Free Stuff Nationwide | Items wanted Nationwide | Services offered Nationwide | Nationwide Personals | Housing, Real estate, Rentals Nationwide | Jobs Nationwide (Employment) | Gigs Nationwide | Nationwide Forum Search | Pets or Animals

About Searchamajigger

Welcome to Searchamajigger, We truly hope you enjoy using our site, We put a ton of work into it for you.

Searchamajigger is a classified search site that uses the power of Google to search Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle and eBay Classifieds all at the same time.
Our goal is simply to make it really easy to search multiple classified sites for what you are looking for. Our site is designed to allow you to choose any combination of Oodle, Craigslist, Backpage or eBay Classifieds and twelve categories. This gives you the power and flexibility to find exactly what you want, where you want and how you want, without having to jump through hoops to get there.

Searchamajigger is unique among all the sites out there for searching classified sites by letting you create custom search profiles that allow you to change from one search configuration to another with a single click of the mouse.

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Hawaii Classifieds Idaho Classifieds Illinois Classifieds Indiana Classifieds
Iowa Classifieds Kansas Classifieds Kentucky Classifieds Louisiana Classifieds
Maine Classifieds Maryland Classifieds Massachusetts Classifieds Michigan Classifieds
Minnesota Classifieds Mississippi Classifieds Missouri Classifieds Montana Classifieds
Nebraska Classifieds Nevada Classifieds New Hampshire Classifieds New Jersey Classifieds
New Mexico Classifieds New York Classifieds North Carolina Classifieds North Dakota Classifieds
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Rhode Island Classifieds South Carolina Classifieds South Dakota Classifieds Tennessee Classifieds
Texas Classifieds Utah Classifieds Vermont Classifieds Virginia Classifieds
Washington Classifieds West Virginia Classifieds Wisconsin Classifieds Wyoming Classifieds

Account Features

When you create an account on Searchamajigger, you gain access to a really cool array of features that are not available to the average user.
Best of all, we never try to charge money for anything... We have a better way of doing things.
To start with, the member page is a control panel with all of your personalized settings right there where you need them.
We remember your last 100 search phrases for you so you can go back and search them again with a single click of the mouse.
We let you create search profiles so you can change your search settings, again, with a click of the mouse.
Let's say that you want to search Craigslist, Backpage and Oodle, but not eBay Classifieds and, you only want to search within For Sale, Free Stuff and Items wanted...
Simply select these settings and click the save as profile button, Give it a name and poof, you are there.

You can create profiles for any combination of search settings and states, with or without a search phrase attached to it.
We want to make your life as easy as we can.

We here at Searchamajigger sat down one day and had a meeting about membership fees and all such stuff like that.
Well, we really hate charging money for stuff, so we came up with the most awesome idea of all!
Instead of charging for the cool membership features, We simply have you help us spread the word about our site. Awesome, we provide you with cool features and you simply spread the word.

So here is how it works, Create an account, use the member features for free and we simply post one post per month to your facebook page. Something very small and very simple and you get to choose the post from a list of possible post text.

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We will have it up as soon as possible..

Sorry for our incompetence :), I mean, Sorry for the inconvenience.

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